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God Meant It For Good

It was no doubt a tense moment as Joseph’s brothers realize that now that their father has died, Joseph may just “take them out!”  As you read the end of Genesis 50, you can feel the angst and genuine fear these men had for their lives and those of their families.  They had wronged Joseph, they had been mean to him, they had talked of killing him, they had sold him into bondage and tricked their dad into believing he had been killed by wild beasts.  And now they are using everything they can to persuade Joseph to let them be slaves of his but to not kill them.  Remember, Joseph had an ability from God to interpret dreams, to see into the future, to discern things in ways that most people could not.  So when Joseph says, “You meant it for evil, God intended it for good.” Joseph is reviewing EVERYTHING that had happened and recognizing that God had a place for him in Egypt to save not only the Egyptians from starvation but that entire part of the world—and in the process to enrich the land of Egypt and its Pharaoh (remember, by the end of the famine, Pharaoh owned everything and everybody!).  

I mentioned this passage to my fellow chaplains with Anaheim Police Department and reminded them that our officers are regularly dealing with families and domestic situations where these kinds of things have occurred or are occurring.  And from time to time, any of us may become involved in such situations.  It is a valuable thing to remember that God can take what looks very bad and good may come from it.  In Romans 8:28 (NKJV)  Paul wrote, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called, according to His purpose.” God, in the beginning, brought order out of chaos.  He, from time to time, stepped into time to give correction—with Adam and Eve, with Cain, with mankind when evil grew so intense God destroyed all but Noah, who found grace in God’s sight, and God started over.  God intends good!  Sometimes we need correction in order for good to occur.   Man may thwart God’s plans but ultimately, God intends good and good will come!  We must decide if we want to be on the side of “good” or the side of bad or “evil.”  

May we recognize that all that is in the world can be used for evil or for good.  God intends all to be for good, for Him, for His glory.  We can either work with Him and be blessed or work against Him and suffer the consequences, now and for eternity.  May we decide to always live and work to be on His side, to do good, to be good, and to help others to be and do good as well!

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