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  2. The Possibility of Miracles Given the Christian Worldview
  3. Is the Resurrection a Product of Legendary Embellishment
  4. Are the Gospels Biographies?
  5. If God is in Control Do We Have Free Will?


Equipping Christians | Engaging Culture




This world is replete with competing world views contrary to Christianity. Atheism, secular humanism, Darwinian evolution, moral and ethical relativism, world religions and liberal theologies. 

The impact of secularization permeates our society in schools, business, politics and even the hearts and minds in the church

They mock your beliefs and say your beliefs cannot be supported by reason…. however, the truth of the Christian worldview can have a reasoned response to those attacks.


At The Daily Apologist we are dedicated in doing just that. 

Equipping Christians in apologetics and engaging culture for the reasonableness of the Christian faith. 

Jason Hyde

One of our members at State College Blvd, Jason Hyde, is a board member, blogger and speaker for Apologia Institute. Here is his Recent Blog post: