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Distance is usually measured in miles and meters, inches and feet, but sometimes distance must be considered based on culture and societal factors. As we “go into all the world and preach the gospel” we are faced with an ever changing audience. There was a time when most people believed in God, had great respect for the Holy Bible, demonstrated respect for other people through common courtesies and expressions of respect—Mr. and Mrs. were common greetings, Sir and Ma’am were the ordinary. A gentleman opening or holding a door for a lady was appreciated and often expected. Foul language was not to be used, especially not used by men in the presence of a lady. Today most refer to others by first names or “hey you” and I’ve actually had ladies refuse to go through a door if I was holding it open for them. And foul language is so common I’m convinced that many people don’t know what foul language is! I should not have been surprised while visiting with a couple prior to a Bible Study we were having to hear the young woman talking about the kids downstairs whose language would have made a sailor blush! And then she came out with some expletives herself and she seemed to have no idea that what she said was absolutely repulsive. What a lack of teaching, avoid of example, has been experienced. A young woman, admitted agnostic, told me last week that she believed she was a good moral person even though she didn’t consider belief in God necessary for such morality. I asked her how she came to the point of having such morals or of even believing there were such things, and she had to admit it was because her society/family had taught her those things. If we are going to reach our “world” we are going to have to realize there is a distance between us—and REACH out to close that gap and bring to each one the blessed message of salvation in Jesus Christ. 


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